A tour like no other.to make you think.to stir the emotions.to make you smile!

Doagh Famine Village is one of Ireland’s most unique and popular tourist attractions and is visited by thousands of people from all over the world every year.

You will soon be able to experience an interactive virtual tour of Doagh Famine Village from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world!

Using your smartphone, tablet, computer or even a VR headset if you have one you will be able to experience a tour of Doagh Famine Village like never before.

The virtual tour will be launched in stages over the coming weeks and months but for now, give our short demo tour a go to see how it all works.

Visitor Experiences

  One of the best tours I’ve been on. The tour guide was excellent and very knowledgeable. Learning about the Irish way of our past generations was wonderful.
Derrick Markey
   A great attraction…very informative and gives you a unique view into what life in Ireland was like from the potato famine up until the 1980s.
James Holmes
 Such an amazing place you get lost in time here and Pat is such a great guide you could listen to him for hours.
Mary Murphy

How about a guided Video Tour instead?

Access over 60 minutes of premium video content from a guided tour of Doagh Famine Village which includes exclusive video content never seen before.
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A short video to give you an idea of what our tour is all about.


Swipe. Pinch. Zoom. Tap. Scroll. Click. Drag.

That is about all the controls you need to know to go on our virtual tour. The following icons will help guide you through the experience. Try the demo for yourself.

Are you ready to start your virtual tour demo?

Jump right in, give it a go and see how it works.